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Male-Female hybrid fiber adapter
Click:3795 Date:2013/4/20 22:33:12
                  Hybrid Fiber Adapter, Male-Female Hybrid Adapter, Female-Female Hybrid Adapter, ST,FC,SC,LC,MU,E2000 Hybrid Adapter                                      

Hybrid Fiber Adapters (Converting fiber adapter) provide interconnection between two different fiber connector types.  There are two type of Hybrid fiber adapter, including Male-Female hybrid fiber adapter and Female-Female hybrid fiber adapter.

Male-Female hybrid fiber adapter (Build-out Type hybrid fiber adapter)  is a fiber adapter with a connector plug (male) end and an adapter socket (female) end. We call it Male-Female Hybrid fiber adapter. Such as ST male

at one side, FC female the other side. 

Female-Female hybrid fiber adapter (Bulk Type hybrid fiber adapter) is a fiber adapter with two different ends. We call it Female-Female Hybrid fiber adapter. Such as ST female at one side, FC female at the other side.

Our Hybrid Fiber Adapters are comprised of a polymer/metal outer body and inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism.  The combination of a ceramic/phosphor bronze alignment sleeves and precision moulded polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance.

We provide both Male-Female and Female-Female hybrid fiber adapters bridging popular connector types, such as ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, FDDI, E2000, MPO. They are precision made and manufactured to demanding specifications. 

Besides Hybrid Fiber Adapter, We also offer Fiber Adapters (Standard Fiber Adapter) and Bare Fiber adapters for your different applications.

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