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QSFP28-4SFP28 AOC 100G Active Optical Cable

Product Numbers: 20191031194910

Product description: QSFP28-4SFP28 AOC 100G Active Optical Cable


QSFP28-4SFP28 AOC 100G Active Optical Cable fiber cable

Compatible HW, H3C, CISCO, ZTE,JUNIPER, NOKIA,etc.


Product Description

QSFP28-4SFP28-AOC active optical cable, integrated four data channels, the total bandwidth of 100Gbps. 4 transmission channels, each channel can run at 25.3125 Gbps. QSFP + to 4x SFP + AOC cables are 100GBase QSFP + hybrid cables. One end is a QSFP + optical connector and the other end is a 4 SFP + optical connector. Transmission distance of not more than 100 meters. The fiber optic cable is a high-performance module for short-range multi-channel data communications and interconnect applications.



• OM3/OM4 MMF optical cable
• Full duplex 4 channel 850nm parallel active optical cable
• Transmission data rate up to 25.3125Gbit/s per channel
• SFF-8665 QSFP+ compliant housing and hot pluggable electrical interface
• Management Interface and digital diagnostic monitoring(DDM) through I2C
• 4ch 850nm 25G VCSEL array
• 4ch 25G PIN photo detector array
• Support serial ID function through EEPROM
• Power consumption less than 2.5W
• Operating case temperature 0ºC to +70ºC
• 3.3V power supply voltage
• RoHS 6 compliant


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